Lions Club of Cabramatta / Cabra-Vale Inc.

Celebrating 100 years of service in 2017

Leo Club of Cabramatta High School

Cabramatta High School at ULLADULLA 2013

Flags Ceremony to CABRAMATTA 2014

Cabramatta Leos Club is a youth wing of the Cabramatta Lions Club. It is made up of young people and is based at Cabramatta High School. Members believe that everyone has something positive to contribute to society. Leos are also part of an international network of future leaders in business, government and communities. Be part of something bigger!

It provides students with the chance to gain life and career skills, including leadership, problem-solving, team work and decision-making, whilst serving our communities, making new friends and having lots of fun!

In 2015, the then District Governor Lorraine Mairinger awarded the prestigious Leo Club of the Year award to Cabramatta High School for being the best club, demonstrating excellence in all avenues of community work. Leos Kimberley Nay Kim, Katrina Trinh and Wendy Lam graciously accepted the award on behalf of all our student volunteers.

LEO stands for leadership, experience and opportunity. Our projects with the Canley Vale Leo Club aim to help people and have included some of the following:

Cabramatta Leo Club Executive 2015-16

Berry Leo Club Camp Archery

Cabramatta High School and Canley Vale High School

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